The Passion Behind the Platform

You have a choice with your vote on October 18, 2021. You may be wondering, why choose Jan GILLETT for City Councilor? What makes her stand out, what's her platform and how is she going to contribute and represent you? I’m happy to tell you.

Simply put, I love Spruce Grove and I want our city to be vibrant and resilient, to be a place that can achieve its full potential and everyone who lives here too. Jan at Podium

I envision a city that continues to improve. Striving to be its best… To be vibrant and resilient… To be strong, diverse and able to handle any new challenge that comes our way. My vision for Spruce Grove is to become the most positive example in our province of how a city can rise to its full potential when it is financially, socially and environmentally managed well. Thoughtful investing, prudent financial management and acting for the needs of our community will ensure our city sustainability for today and far into the future. To be that place, that the next generations will be proud to inherit.  

Spruce Grove is an amazing place to live! It’s inclusive, welcoming and open for business. It's filled with some great amenities and has plans to add a Civic Centre, the new Metro Ballpark, and future offers include additional commercial and retails hubs.  Yet we enjoy non-congesting traffic (check out downtown Edmonton at rush hour if you disagree!), a city layout designed to inspire an active lifestyle with our trail system and economic opportunities in our industrial areas.  

This is my home, where I lived, worked and played for over 25 years. My daughters, my grandchildren and my retired mother all live here. It’s the place where I operate my business, use my talents and serve as a volunteer. This community is where I meet friends for coffee, play in the parks with my grandchildren, shop and welcome people into our taproom. This is where my memories are made. When you love something, you fight for it. You enjoy the good, and you work as hard as you can to improve the things that could be better. You are concerned about what you love, and you are never afraid to stand up and protect it. 

As your Councilor, that is the kind of dedication and passion I would bring to the position. My platform addresses important issues, and the underlying theme is an absolute desire to keep improving our community, to see it be vibrant and resilient — because I love it and I know you do too. That means using my leadership and business management skills to keep investing, managing and sustaining our financial, environmental and social health as a city.  This will ensure a high quality of life for youth, young families, singles, business owners and our aging residents. Today, you and I may agree or disagree on any particular current city issues, but what's most important is that no matter what, I will always listen and act in the best interest of all who live here.  I bring a wide range of life skills, a unique perspective, integrity, a cooperative spirit and a "can-do" attitude! 

Jan GILLETT for City Councilor on October 18, 202




Jan Gillett

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