Lessoned Learned as an Entrepreneur

I am the co-owner of RavenWolf Brewing Co and as an entrepreneur, I've learned a few lessons.
With a "spark" of an idea and dream in our hearts we recycled an old building in the industrial area and created RavenWolf Brewing Co, a local microbrewery and taproom with a focus on community connections! We now employ 16 local residents of all ages and backgrounds. In the spirit of being "IN" "FROM and "FOR" our community, we contribute to many programs for youth, single moms, and those experiencing homelessness. Being an entrepreneur I have learned life lessons about the value of INTEGRITY - keep your word, be honest, truthful, and dependable. The importance of COMMUNITY - everyone benefits from a community and belonging. And always give back to your community! The benefits of making strong FINANCIAL business decisions because they affect the entire organization and help us to meet our objectives and goals.
RavenWolf is also a proud member of the Greater Parkland Regional Chamber of Commerce, whose main function is to promote interest in local business possibilities, improve their value, visibility, and credibility; share news, ideas, and best practices. Because another thing I have learned is, that no one does it alone!  We are all stronger together. 
These business lessons I would bring with my unique perspective into the role of City Councilor if elected on Oct. 18th.

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  • Jan Gillett
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