Have you been to the Spruce Grove Public Library lately? The SGPL is not the quiet, whisper-filled place of the past. It’s become fun and bustling place where anyone can hang out, meet people, play video games, take a course, program robots, do a puzzle with your grandkids… and still take out books and other materials! It's a place to "check-in to life!"

Patrons are educated and acquire an appreciation for literature, art, music, and science while others engage in meaningful dialogue about current issues. 

Jan at SGPL

SGPL is a gateway to our community providing helpful resources and opportunities for connection to newcomers. There are special services and supports for patrons with disabilities. It is an important partner in child development, offering a variety of age-appropriate programs like baby story-times, while helping new moms to meet one another. I myself have many fond memories of passing rainy days either huddled with picture books or enjoying other library adventures with my girls. Now I am getting to share this with my grandkids. Teens can safely meet friends and engage in tutoring and homework support activities. Lecture-style interactive programs called Communiversity are another of the popular and unique programs regularly attended.

For many in our community, SGPL to our clients as an important resource because it is like a community centre, offering an opportunity to be engaged at little or no cost. The Parkland Pregnancy Centre, the non-profit organization I work for, often recommends making use of library resources to our clients. In the words of Robert Putnam, “People may go to the library looking mainly for information, but they find each other there.” I am in full support of Spruce Grove City Council investing in our library because the value SGPL brings to our community is beyond books and banks of computers, it’s now become a place where individuals gather to interact, explore and be inspired.

SGPL is struggling to find room for Young Readers (0-6 years) programs. These activities are essential for helping children acquire reading, social and school readiness skills. There is limited space for book, DVD, and CD Collections. The Innovation Lab, where people of all ages come to create and share their ideas, is bursting at the seams. There are frustrations over not being able to find a parking spot, lengthy line-ups for service, waiting lists for programs, crowded stacks, and no room for quiet studies.

In order to serve our community best, the Spruce Grove Public Library needs financial support, fundraising and expanded library services. The City of Spruce Grove has grown tremendously, and so has the demand for library service. What are the needs and desires of our community? What are the trends and how can we best meet them? A library assessment was completed and SGPL has a plan to meet the current and future needs for our community. We’re a young community that wants and deserves a functional library that offers quality programs and services. In order to serve our community best, it is essential that the City of Spruce Grove fully support the planning, funding, personnel and space requirements needed by our local library.

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